Man attacked by roo, saves his stubby



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Video footage has captured the moment a father went toe-to-toe with a kangaroo at his property near Bendigo.

Daniel Tuohey has been left with deep cuts and bruises after he was kicked to the ground, but at least he managed to avoid spilling his beer.

The attack was captured in a video taken by Daniel's daughter, Bree, who told 9News that although they are laughing about it now, the incident left her shaken.

The attack was captured in a video taken by Daniel's daughter, Bree. (9NEWS)
“I was just hoping that it didn't go any further than what it did, I was a bit shocked, it was very scary, I'm not sure what I would have done if it had have kept going,” she said.

Daniel was rushing to save his two dogs from the aggressive roo.

“There is a fair chance that the dogs were going to get drowned, because a kangaroo will grab dogs in the dam, pull them in and drown them, that is what I was worried about, that was my main concern,” he told 9News.

Daniel Tuohey was left with deep cuts following the attack. (9NEWS)
Daniel ran to the aid of dogs still holding his stubby, but the kangaroo turned on him, scratching and kicking him before forcing him to the ground.

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Vet Kellie Anset told 9News kangaroos can cause damage as a result of their long and sharp claws.

“We frequently see dogs in here that have been damaged by kangaroos,” Ms Anset said.

Daniel received scratches and cuts after ducking it out with a roo. (9NEWS)
The video has been shared thousands of times online, with comments flooding in from all over the world.

Many were impressed that he didn’t drop his stubby.

But Daniel hasn’t let his new found fame go to his head, heading back to work today.

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