Husar suing Buzzfeed over harassment claims



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Labor MP Emma Husar is suing Buzzfeed and one of its journalists for defamation over an article published about her earlier this year.

Ms Husar held back tears as she told parliament about the impact of an article that "slut-shamed" her.

"At 9.33am on August 2, Ms Alice Workman of Buzzfeed published the most damaging article," Ms Husar told parliament.

"In it, she said she had requested my comment. She had not,"

Emma Husar said Buzzfeed did not contact her about a highly damaging article until after it had been published. (AAP)
Ms Husar said Workman emailed her 48 questions for comment about the article one minute after it had been published.

Workman wrote that Ms Husar had bragged about her sexual exploits, sexually harassed a staff member, and intentionally exposed herself to another MP and his infant son like Sharon Stone's character in the movie Basic Instinct.

"I had no chance to refute or respond," Ms Husar said.

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"As a result of this initial misrepresentation, over 225 articles were republished, each and every single one of them misrepresenting me in so many respects."

Emma Husar is comforted by Liberal frontbencher Kelly O'Dwyer after an emotional statement made to parliament. (AAP)
Ms Husar told Parliament that Buzzfeed and Workman knew she was bound by a confidentiality rule that prevented her responding to the claims.

"Mr Speaker, I am not a bully. I am not Sharon Stone. I am not a thief and I did not deliberately misuse my work expenses," she told.

"I'm going to do my bit, Mr Speaker, to make sure this never happens again."

Ms Husar represents the battleground district of Lindsay, centred around the western Sydney suburb of Penrith.

Emma Husar is suing Buzzfeed and journalist Alice Workman for defamation. (AAP)
She said she would not run for election again, but later backtracked.

Workman, Buzzfeed Australia's political editor, was attending a Senate session when Ms Husar was making her statement. has reached out to Workman for comment.

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