Guard left convulsing after tennis ball thrown into prison yard



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An Adelaide prison has been thrown into lockdown after a prison officer came into contact with a tennis ball containing a mysterious liquid.

Emergency crews swarmed on Yatala Labour Prison this morning, after it’s believed a man threw a ball over the fence at around 9am.

It’s understood the male guard had been convulsing and was immediately rushed to Royal Adelaide Hospital.

“Whatever the substance was it caused a serious or had a serious effect on the member conducting the investigation,” said Austin White from the Public Service Assocation.

A tennis ball with a mysterious liquid in it was lobbed over the fence at 9am. (9News)
HAZMAT crews shut the whole prison down. (9News)
HAZMAT crews arrived to assess the incident, prison staff were forced to turn visitors and deliveries away.

“I arrived, and I actually had to backup – they wouldn’t give me access in so I have to wait,” one driver told 9News.

“I came back to get paperwork and they can’t even give it to me,” another man said.

The prison was declared safe this afternoon. (9News)
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“The safety options need to keep pace with technology and the in-genius measures prisoners and their associates use to introduce contraband,” said Mr White.

Early this afternoon the prison was declared safe, but an investigation into the incident has been launched.

The guard involved remains in hospital in a stable condition.

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