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The inquest into the Dreamworld disaster is expected to wrap up today following six weeks of chilling evidence.

Yesterday marked the start of the final sitting of the hearing, with an expert panel of engineers grilled about a joint report they conducted for Coroner James McDougall.

They were tasked with investigating what went wrong when the raft Cindy Low, Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett and Roozi Araghi capsized in October 2016 on the Thunder River Rapids Ride.

Dreamworld tragedy victims (from left): Cindy Low, Luke Dorsett, Roozi Araghi and Kate Goodchild. (Nine)
They claimed the theme park relied on its 30 year "trouble free" record when it shouldn't have used it as an excuse.

"It's a bit like somebody crossing the road, they've done it many times but there's a risk they're going to get conked down by a car, might be a low probability… but you know it's a hazard" Dr Frank Grigg, a mechanical engineering expert told the inquest.

Dr Grigg also conducted his own report into the safety of the ride's conveyor belt, slamming the removal of two out of every three wooden slats, some 26 years prior to the tragedy.

"It made a big difference to a lot of things," he said.

Four people were killed while riding the Thunder River Rapids at Dreamworld in 2016. (Supplied)
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"When all of the spaces were occupied, if a person had fallen out of the raft and they were on the conveyor they had a fairly good chance of being able to put a foot down to save themselves."

The experts also raised concern about the tired Velcro seatbelt onboard the rafts at the time, as well as the ride operator's control panel, saying it "wasn't designed with safety in mind."

The court was also shown draft sweeping changes to Workplace Health & Safety, with a new code of practice to be introduced as well as mandatory 10 year shut down safety inspections of all rides in theme parks.

The new rules are expected to be presented to the State Government in March next year.

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