Aussies fly to Middle East for zoo rescue mission



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Far too often, animal cruelty stories come across our desks and they are sadly just too traumatic to broadcast.

We all love and care for animals and are horrified when someone is cruel to our vulnerable furry friends. What happened to the Aussie sheep being transported to the middle east was uncomfortable to watch and angered the nation.

But sometimes there are flip sides to these stories. And this is one animal cruelty story that makes you feel very comfortable to watch.

The Jordan zoo environment was unable to properly care for the animals so they agreed to leave them in the care of Animals Australia. (9news)
When Animals Australia went to the middle east to secretly film the Australian live sheep export trade, its organisers took a side trip to a Jordanian zoo to see how animals in captivity are treated. It wasn’t good.

Two bear cubs being housed in a stark concrete den with a small glass window had been scratched attempting to get out and it was upsetting.

So upsetting, Animals Australia came up with a plan to rescue them and other live exhibits being held at the zoo.

Bears were kept in confined concrete cells before being rescued and taken into Animals Australia's care. (9news)
Animals Australia's investigation resulted in them taking custody of the animals and re-homing them. (9news)
The animal protection agency decided to offer the zoo owners a renovation of their old zoo in exchange for some animals being released into Animal Australia’s care.

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The Jordanians jumped at the idea and the bear cubs and various other animals were handed over to the Aussies who just happened to have a strong ally in their court.

You see, the King of Jordan’s sister just happens to be an animal lover, and the princess loved what Animals Australia was doing. She not only assisted the group in their endeavours but also in securing a sanctuary to house the rescued animals in.

Pelicans took to water like naturals despite having never being in it before. (9news)
Edgar's Mission is a new spacious home for the rescued animals. (9news)
A sanctuary of wide open spaces and plenty of activity to keep their minds and body active.

When the cubs were released, the sight of them playing in a water pool for the first time or playing with toys they have never encountered brought the Aussie rescuers to tears.

Then there were the pelicans who’d never been in anything more than a dirty puddle, now frolicking in a lake. The hyenas who spent their days in a concrete cage now playing in bush they had never seen in their lives but instinctively took to moments after they were released.

The sanctuary is a temporary set up until Animals Australia raises enough funds to build a permanent one in Jordan on land that has been granted to them.

A number of animals were rescued by Animals Australia including bears, lion cubs, hyenas and pelicans. (9news)
Sometimes animal cruelty stories have a happy ending. And this is one of them.

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